• RebeccaRedwood, LCSW

    Rebecca Redwood, LCSW

     Ms. Redwood has been a

     resident of Austin 

    all of her adult life 

    (she got here as soon as she could!), 

    earning her undergraduate 

    degree in Psychology from the 

    University of Texas at Dallas and 

    a Master of Science in Social Work

     from the University of Texas 

    School of Social Work.

    Upon graduation, she worked 

    for the City of Austin Pediatric 

    Home Care Unit, as 

    part of a multi-disciplinary

     team that worked with families

     whose children had high risk 

    health issues. 

     She counseled parents and 

    assisted families in obtaining the 

    community resources they needed.

    After a brief respite to start

     her family, she re-entered the 

    field as a psychotherapist for an 

    Employee Assistance Program, 

    where she counseled employees of Austin businesses, and their families.


    At the invitation of Dr. Carol Pierce-Davis, 

    Ms. Redwood joined 

    Spicewood Psychotherapy Group  

    and has enjoyed sharing space with her esteemed colleagues ever since. 

    My Practice

     Rebecca Redwood has a broad range of experience in working with adolescent and adult clients

     and their families.

    Her practice includes:

    • Individual counseling with adults and adolescents
    • marriage and relationship counseling
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder counseling
    • EMDR intervention

    The focus of her practice is to support

     and assist clients 

    in developing and practicing 

    healthy coping skills and life patterns 

    which they can use throughout their lives.

    In her work with adults and adolescents, 

    Ms. Redwood uses an interactive 

    problem-solving therapeutic approach with ~

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Parenting Coaching and Support
    • Infertility Issues
    • Self and Life Goal Exploration
    • Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse Recovery
    • Trauma Processing and Resolution
    • Relationship Problems
    • Divorce and Separation
    • Serious Illness
    • Death and Dying
    • School Problems
    • Substance Abuse
    • Job Loss or Career Change

    What is a Clinical Social Worker?

    The LCSW is a social worker

     trained in psychotherapy 

    who helps individuals 

    deal with a variety

     of mental health and

     daily living problems 

    to  improve overall 

    functioning and life satisfaction. 


    The LCSW has a master's

     degree in social work

    and has studied sociology, 

    human growth and development,

      mental health theory 

    and practice, human 


    environment, psychology,

     and research methods. 

    Upon earning the degree,  

    the social worker must

     then accrue at least 

    2000-3000 hours of
    supervised experience, or have 

    at least 2-3 years of

     counseling experience, 

     depending upon licensure

     requirements for their state.  

    Once licensed,  

    the LCSW continues

     study with 30 hours

     of education 

    every two years.